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My webcam resolution is not great. What can I do ?

No need for a very high resolution webcam to record correct videos.

However, if the rendering is pixelated or the image is jerky, you will soon notice during the video setup phase, right before your one-way video Interview. To improve the image quality :

Make sure no other software is using your webcam at the same time, or create interferences. Close all other softwares before you start your interview with InterviewApp.
Try to record your one-way video interview with another browser. The browsers we recommend with InterviewApp are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
Record your video interview from another computer, iOS or Android device.

If none of these solutions improved the rendering quality, that is probably because your webcam is malfunctioning. You should use another webcam. 

If you still experience problems, contact us through the chat below.

Updated on: 20/07/2020

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