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Internet connection issues

If you are encountering issues with your Internet connection during the interview process, it will be indicated during the Equipment Setup phase (If you want to know where to find the Equipment Setup Page, please read our article Where can I find the Equipment Setup page:

If “OOPS” is displayed in front of “Stability of your Internet connection”, it means that you won’t be able to complete your video interview using your current Internet connection. Several reasons can cause this issue. Below is a list of potential causes of Internet connection issues:

Your Internet speed is not fast enough. If so, we recommend you to record your video interview from another location, using a faster Internet connection.
A server error causes the issue. If so, please try again later.
Your firewall is too restrictive. Indeed, we need ports 1935 and 80 to be open for you to be able to complete your video interview. If you are taking your one-way video interview from a university or a company, those ports might be shut. If so, please contact your IT department and ask them if ports 1935 and 80 can be open.
Your interview is already open on another browser. If so, please close all your other browser windows and try again to record your video interview.
A virus might have infected your computer and now disturbs your experience on the web (ads popping up during your Internet navigation might alert you). If so, go to Programs (under Windows) / Applications (under MacOS) and check if you can spot malwares. If you can identify them, uninstall them right away.

Updated on: 20/07/2020

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