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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the browser we recommend for the best experience with InterviewApp.

In order for us to record your one-way video interview, you have to allow access to your microphone and webcam in the pop-up that appears at the top of your browser. So make sure to click "Allow".

If you have denied access to your microphone and your webcam when this pop-up appeared, go to your browser preferences. In the “Content Settings” section, click “Camera” and remove the URL from our platform in the “Block” section. Repeat this operation for “Microphone”. When it’s done, refresh the Video Setup page. Click “Activate webcam”, then allow access to the webcam and microphone in the pop-up that appears at the top of your browser.

In order to download and install Google Chrome, please click here and follow the instructions step by step. Please note you can download Google Chrome indifferently for Windows or Mac.

We recommend you to use always the latest version of Google Chrome. Usually Google Chrome updates automatically. However, to manually update it please follow the instructions here step by step.

Clear the cache

If you encounter problems with Google Chrome, you can clear the cache. This makes changes on websites visible.

Click Settings (three points icon at the top right) in the toolbar;
Select “History” in the same named menu;
Select “Clear browsing data” on the left;
In the dialogue box that opened, tick the data you want to delete;
Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data you want to delete. Select All time to clear all data;
Click “Clear data”.

Clear cookies

If you still have problems, try to clear cookies. A cookie is a small file which is stored in your browser to allows it to remember your preferences. Clear cookies will reinitiate your browsing preferences. The procedure is the same as for clearing the cache.

If this doesn’t solve your problems, email us at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#45363035352a3731052c31322435356b2c2a) or contact us through the chat. We will work with you to solve your problems.

Updated on: 20/07/2020

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