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A few tips to make a good one-way video interview.

A few tips to make a good one-way video interview.

#### #1. Be prepared as for a face-to-face interview

Make some research about the company, the position you are applying for and know yourself! The recruiter expects you to know what you are looking for in the company and what you can do.

#### #2. Dress appropriately

Choose a suitable outfit for the interview, it must be comfortable but appropriate in a professional context.

#### #3. Ensure a stable internet connection and sufficient connection speed

Before accessing the interview, our system checks that your connection is sufficient to record your video responses in good conditions.

Some simple actions can ensure you an acceptable connection speed:

on a computer: connect with an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi;
on mobile: connect in WiFi instead of 3G;
close all the programmes or apps that may be using bandwidth;
make sure no one is using your Internet connection to download heavy files while you are taking your interview.

If after all your connection is not strong enough:

If you were connected from a computer, please try again from an iOS or Android device.
Otherwise, please try again with a better connection.

#### #4. Think about your location

Your interviewer will have time to examine your environment while reviewing your answers video, so:

make sure the background is clean, tidy and suitable for a professional interview;
settle in a place with good lighting and avoid sitting back to a window;
choose a quiet environment where you are not likely to be disturbed.

#### #5. Position your webcam wisely

Position yourself correctly in front of the webcam. Ideally, the webcam should show only your face and shoulders.

#### #6. Watch your non-verbal communication

Good body language will reinforce your words. Don’t forget to smile! Besides, in order to create a connection with the recruiter who will review your video answers, try to look as much as possible at the webcam lens as you speak.

#### #7 . Practice

Practice as much as necessary with our practice question. This is a great way to get comfortable with one-way video interviews and achieve a smoother, more natural result when you will take your real interview.

#### #8. Speak aloud, distinctly and with confidence

Articulate and find the right speech rate, neither too fast, nor too slow, so that the recruiter can understand you easily.
In addition, we advise you to adopt a “power pose” two minutes before the interview. Don’t laugh! Our posture can influence our mental disposition (to learn more about the impact of power poses, you can check this lecture by Amy Cuddy). That’s why, by straightening up a few minutes before and keeping your head a little higher, you will leave an impression of confidence.

Updated on: 20/07/2020

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