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Guide book for candidates

1. Guide book on your one-way video interview

This guide is a quick introduction to your one-way video interview. It is designed to help you succeed.

What you need before taking your interview:

A computer with a webcam and microphone in good working order or an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with a working front-facing camera and microphone and running iOS 13 or above; or an Android device (smartphone or tablet) with a working front-facing camera and microphone and running Android 4.0 or above ;
A broadband Internet connection;
30-60 minutes to complete your video interview (including registration, device setup, practice question and real interview questions).

Access your video interview whenever you are ready. After checking in, you will be guided through device setup as well as a practice question to help you get comfortable with the interview interface. If you are unable to complete your video interview for technical or accessibility reasons, please read our knowledge base.

2. How a one-way video interview works

Every single one-way video interview comes with its own list of questions chosen by the organization which invited you to take the interview online. Each question comprises of 3 items:

The question

This is a written question prepared for you by the interviewer.

The preparation time

This is the time the interviewer decided to give you to read the question and prepare your answer. The webcam will be activated during the preparation time but this is only to show you how you are positioned and how you look. Please note that you won’t be recorded during this time period.

The answer time

This is the time that the interviewer gives you to answer the question. During the last 5 seconds of the preparation time, the timer is displayed on the location of the video to let you know that the recording is about to start.  When the preparation time runs out, the recording starts automatically. At the top of your screen, the timer indicates the time you have to answer the question. Once the answer time runs out, the recording stops automatically. Be careful not to get stuck in the last seconds of recording.

Before launching a new question, you can see on screen the preparation time and the answer time that are given to you for this question.

Below are indicated the browsers and devices that are supported for an optimal use of our platform.

3. Equipment needed for your one-way video interview

On your computer - Compatible browsers

If you choose to take your interview from your computer, you need to use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. We also recommend to always use the latest version of the browser. 

If your browser is outdated, please update it before moving on.

Supported mobile devices

Any iOS device: running iOS 13.0 or above; With a working front-facing camera and microphone.
Any Android device: running Android 4.0 or above; With a working front-facing camera and microphone.

4. Tips for a successful one-way video interview

A few tips to help you make the most of your one-way video interview. You will find several others in our knowledge base.

Before your one-way video interview

Make sure you are using good quality equipment to record your video interview:

A working webcam;
A working microphone;
A stable and fast Internet connection.
Turn off notifications, apps and devices you don’t need during your video interview and that might disturb you.
Dress properly, just like for an in-person interview.
Carefully choose your interview environment. Your background should be clean and neutral.
Keep the light source in front of you to avoid backlighting effects.
If you wear glasses, beware of light reflections that can hide your face during the interview.
Practice with the practice question until you feel ready to take the real video interview online. This way, you will be comfortable while recording your answer and you will be able to focus only on what you have to say, without being distracted by the interview interface.

During the interview

Position yourself so that you only show your face and your shoulders on screen.
Watch your body langage. Smile and look into the camera to create a visual connection with the interview who will watch your video responses. It will make your speech more credible.
Speak aloud and clearly so that the interviewer can understand your answers easily. If your microphone is not of high quality, do not hesitate to use a headset.

If you need help regarding technical or accessibility issues, please contact us via our chat.

5. Help for your one-way video interview

Don’t have any working webcam, microphone nor any device supported by InterviewApp?

We can’t send you any laptop or smartphone. However, people who have found themselves in the same situation in the past always managed to borrow the required equipment from someone in their entourage. If you don’t, you still can go to a cyberspace (cybercafé for instance) or a library where you will have access to a computer with a webcam. If none of these options are available to you, please contact your interviewer to ask for an alternative option regarding your video interview.

Still need help?

We have created a knowledge base to address most common questions you can have before or during your interview. If our knowledge base doesn’t answer all your questions, please contact us via our chat.

Updated on: 14/08/2020

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