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Is it possible to practice before taking the real one-way video interview?

Of course, it is possible to practice an unlimited number of times with our practice question before taking the real video interview online.

On your computer

You will need to record at least once the practice question before being able to move on to the first question of your one-way video interview. And, don’t worry, the person who invited you to take this video interview online won’t be able to access the video responses to this practice question. Do not hesitate to train with this practice question until you feel comfortable with the system.

From your smartphone / tablet

Using our InterviewApp mobile app on your smartphone or table, you will also have the opportunity to train with one practice questions.

The idea behind these practice questions is to help you get used to our platform and to our one-way video interview system. They are not designed for you to train to answer to the real interview questions.

Updated on: 23/10/2020

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